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Faculty & Staff Streaming Video Guide

Requesting Videos for Swank Digital Campus

Swank Digital Campus is a pay-per-video streaming service for Davidson-Davie faculty and staff. It offers a growing catalog of thousands of feature films, documentaries, and tv shows that are available to license for a fee. Faculty and staff can browse titles available in the catalog using the search feature on the Digital Campus website. Use the library's Suggest a Purchase form to request desired titles.

The videos in this database may be used by faculty, staff, and students for the purpose of research, teaching, and individual study. Any faculty and staff may use these films in any Davidson-Davie course. Students can view videos on their own or as a group in classroom for course-related learning. Closed captioning is available. Public performance rights are NOT included for Swank Digital Campus videos.

The following is a list of currently licensed films in Swank Digital Campus:

A Beautiful Mind (License expires 01/31/2023)

Babies (License expires 01/31/2023)

What About Bob? (License expires 07/31/2023)

The Breakfast Club (License expires 09/30/2023)

Turning Red (License expires 08/31/2023)