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Faculty & Staff Streaming Video Guide

Screening Videos for College Activities

The library’s media collection (mostly DVD) and the streaming videos available through its databases may be screened for course-specific purposes such as viewing as a class in the classroom or for assigned viewing in online courses.

To screen videos for college activities outside of a course setting requires special rights. Public performance rights (PPR) are legal rights that allow you to screen videos for any non-course, college-related activity. Copyright holders may grant PPR for free or charge fees. Once granted, PPR typically require no admission be charged or donations solicited at the screening. The streaming videos in many of the library's databases come with PPR included meaning that the videos may be screened for college activities.

PPR are included for ALL videos in the following library databases: Feature Films for Education, Film on Demand, and Just for Kids Streaming Collection.

PPR are included for some videos in the library database Kanopy. Videos in Kanopy that are licensed with PPR include a PPR symbol. See the Kanopy Guide for more information.

PPR are NOT included for DVDs in the library’s media collection or for videos in the library database Swank Digital Campus.