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Faculty & Staff Streaming Video Guide

Obtaining Public Performance Rights

Obtaining public performance rights (PPR) can sometimes require nothing more than an email or phone call asking the copyright holder for permission to screen the video. In other situations, fees are charged to obtain PPR. These fees are determined by factors such as the number of screenings that will take place, the size of the audience, and when the video was released.

The library provides funding to purchase PPR for course and non-course, college-related activities. Requests can be made using the Suggest a Purchase form.*

The library approves requests based on multiple factors including but not limited to:

  • Available funds
  • Title availability (Is the title available in a cheaper format or through a different resource?)
  • Nature of the programming (Is the programming of an academic nature? Is an equivalent available?)
  • Size of the anticipated audience (How many will attend the screening?)

Please know that the library attempts to fulfill all requests it receives but dedicates a predetermined amount of funds for streaming video needs each semester. Once those funds are used, the library may be unable to purchase PPR for college activities.

*See the Kanopy Guide for information on PPR for streaming videos in Kanopy.