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Communication-St. Patrick's Day

Before You Search

The databases and resources included in this guide are recommended for students completing St. Patrick's Day assignment in Communication 120 and 231 courses.

Before you search...

  • Know that you can save yourself time and frustration by contacting the librarian first. The librarian's job is to get you connected to the information you need quickly. Use the information in the left sidebar to reach out in whatever way you're most comfortable.
  • Know that databases contain different types and amounts of information. Read the description of each database to learn what it contains so that you can search the one most likely to have the information you need.  
  • Know that you may have to search more than one resource before you have enough information to complete your assignment.
  • Know that you may have to read through or skim an item to determine if it has information you can use. It may be difficult to tell what information a book or article might contain just from reading its title.